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Products' Overview
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The products are applied in plastic industry for the activation treatment of filler to increase the filling quantity and to improve the process property and to reduce the quantity of resin use and the production cost. At the same time, the luster and the quality of product is improved.

The products are used rubber industry, acting as the compensated strength of the filler property-change, reducing quantity of rubber use and age-inhibiting agent, increasing the strength of wear-resisting and ability to ageing-resistance, quite improving the luster.

The products are used in coating industry to add the filling quantity of the pigment and improve dispersing property and the strength and color brightness of the paint film. It can prevent paint from sedimentation. It can promote the drying and decrease the baking temperature and shorten the baking time in the case of baking finish process.

This product may be used in pigment industry to improve the dispersion of pigment, shorten the grinding time and brighten color of products.

This product may be used in papermaking industry to improve the dispersion of calcium carbonate and talcum powder and increase the filling quantity and the strength and printing property of paper and decrease the loss.

This product may be used in petroleum industry to improve the gel-forming property, heat resistance, well depth and penetrability of fracturing fluid. It can improve the yield of petroleum significantly.

This product may be used in magnetic material industry to improve the dispersion of magnetic particle largely and the affinity with the radical or carrier. So, it can improve the filling quantity to increase the magnetic density and magnetic signal significantly.

In a word, Titanium has many kinds of unique function owing to its special structure. At present, many countries in the world actively develop the research of the application of Titanium. In the earth's crust, Titanium is the forth-abundant metallic element and China has abundant titanic mineral resources. Besides the research of titanium alloy, China carries out the research of titanium chemistry. And there are near 20 institutes or colleges that are engaged in the research of titanate coupling agent. The development and application of organotitanic compounds is the worldwide developmental direction of chemistry with widely range of application by remarkable benefit. It has an important significance to develop our country's chemical industry, increase the quality of YOUR products, reduce the production cost and improve the profit.

Organotitanium will bring you achievement and benefit. Welcome to go in for the development and application of Titanium chemistry and welcome to use our products----Titanic Acid Ester series of coupling agent and cross-linking agent!

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